• Storage on the basis of the FIFO rule
  • We will select the appropriate range of warehouse
  • We will develop an optimal process for the flow of goods
  • We will handle storage and equipment by trained personnel
  • We will prepare components - repacking, sequencing, etc.
  • We will organize steel warehouses with steel supplies just in time
  • We will manage inventories based on the electronic control and monitoring system
  • We manage the production in accordance with the philosophy of lean management
  • We will provide space for the execution of these services and will plan its optimal use (Lay-out AutoCAD)
  • We provide top quality service, certified according to ISO and other standards required
  • We will organize and realize further maintenance
  • We will provide administrative support
  • We can provide financing of the project
  • We take responsibility for the scope of work covered by the service
  • We will support clients entering the Polish market
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